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Effective Jan. 3, 2023, public office hours are:
M, T, TH, F: 8am-5pm including lunch hour
Wed: 1pm-5pm
(Excluding holidays)

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The following links, maps, and information have been provided to assist you in your due diligence before purchasing property or learning more about land development in Canyon County.

Maps pdf

Dairies FEMA Flood Zones Fire Districts
Functional Classification Gravel Pits Highway Districts
Irrigation Districts Mosquito Abatement Nitrate Priority Areas
Recreation Sites School Districts Soils

Interactive GIS Mapper click below
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USDA Soils
FEMA Floodzone Map
Census GIS Mapper
Wetlands Mapper
County Codes & Ordinances
Other Agencies
Development Services FAQ’s
Deed & Recorded Documents Search
Subdivision Plat and CCR’s Search
Code of West

Parcel Inquiry Request
This is a research request to determine if specific parcels have a building permit available or are eligible for the Administrative Land Division process. The inquiry can also address any other parcel specific questions you may have such as for private roads, easements, and other items. Research is limited to records available from Development Services and Assessor’s Plat room, and Recorder’s Office. This includes research, interpretation, and the process for development from the reviewing planner. Fee is $40/parcel. 

Parcel Inquiry (Submit completed application via email to

Public Records Request
This is a request for documents only and does not include interpretation and advice regarding land development proposals.
Public Records Request

Incomplete applications are no longer accepted. Completed applications are accepted on a first come first serve basis by the following methods:

1/ Submittal Appointment;
Submit completed application packet and fees in person. To schedule an appointment contact your planner directly

2/ Electronically:
Submit completed application packet (1 PDF) and completed credit card authorization (separate PDF) to your planner or email

3/ Mail:
Submit completed application packet and check with fee made out to Canyon County DSD to:
Canyon County Development Services
Attn: Application Submittal, Name of your Planner (if applicable)
111N. 11th Avenue Suite 310
Caldwell, ID 83605

Application packets include forms, directions and fees. If applying for multiple applications at once, submit one application packet that includes all required items, some fees are reduced if applications are combined. Packets do not include the credit card authorization form see below:

Applications accepted in person M, T, TH, F from 8am to 5pm, and Wednesdays from 1-5pm. 
Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Credit Card Authorization (For electronic and mail submittals)
Zoning Fee Schedule
Pre-Application Meeting Request

Applications approved by Staff:

Estimated time frame to approval is 4-6 weeks (will vary by application and workload)
Private Road Packet (Request a private road)
Parcel Inquiry (Request specific parcel information)
Flood Plain Development Permit application

Applications approved through a Director’s Decision:

Estimated time frame to approval is 4-6 months (will vary by application and workload)
Basic Process Steps
Administrative Land Division (request land divisions)
Assisted Care Facility
Bed & Breakfast (for B&B’s with employees)
Easement Reduction
Home Business (if business is not considered a home occupation)
Mineral Extraction Short Term (for temporary extraction, if longer see Conditional Use Permit below)
Minor Replat (property boundary adjustments on platted parcels and other changes)
Property Boundary Adjustment (for unplatted parcels only)
Sign Permit Packet
Simple Changes to Plat
Temporary Use (for temporary housing and living in an RV)
Variance less than 33%
Winery, Brewery, and Distillery

Applications approved through a Public Hearing Process:

Estimated time frame to approval is 6-10 months (will vary by specific application, workload, and available hearing schedules)
Public Hearing Application Process
Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment (to change the future land use designation)
Conditional Use Permit
Development Agreement Modification
Subdivision: Final Plat
Subdivision: Preliminary Plat
Subdivision: Short Plat
Plat Vacation
Variance more than 33%
Zoning Amendment (Rezone & Conditional Rezone; to change the zoning district)

Land Hearings Archive Minutes Application TrackerTitle 67, Chapter 65 of the Idaho State Statute grants the County Board of Commissioners (governing board) the authority to exercise their powers to appoint members of a Planning & Zoning Commission to act with full authority of the governing board within the unincorporated area of the county, excluding the authority to adopt ordinances or to finally approve rezones and land subdivisions.

The Planning & Zoning Commission, guided by the Local Land Use Planning Act (§ 67-6509) is granted the authority to make decisions on land use planning applications, including recommendations, adoption, and amendments. Each commission shall consist of not less than three (3) nor more than twelve (12) voting members, all appointed by the County Board of Commissioners. An appointed member must have resided in the county for at least two (2) years and must remain a resident of the county during his service on the commission. No person shall serve more than two (2) full consecutive terms.

The Planning and Zoning Commission includes:

Name Term Expires
Chairman Robert Sturgill 11/21/2023
Vice-Chairman Brian Sheets 12/01/2023
Secretary Miguel Villafana 03/09/2026
Commissioner Ron Amarel 11/15/2025
Commissioner Harold Nevill 12/01/2023
Commissioner Patrick Williamson 11/16/2024

Phone:  (208) 454-7458
Fax: (208) 454-6633

If you would like to volunteer your time as a P&Z Commissioner, please download and fill out the application below and submit to the Board of County Commissioners. Planning & Zoning Commission Application pdf

Administrative Staff
The administrative staff of the Development Services Department operates as a team to administer the zoning, subdivision, building, and public nuisance ordinances. Established processes and standardized forms are used to process applications, issue permits, schedule and conduct public hearings and enforce ordinances. Procedures are constantly evaluated in an attempt to update our processes, forms, and ordinances for ease of use and easy-to-follow processes. We welcome your feedback.

Sabrina Minshall
Jennifer Almeida
Office Manager
Pamela Dilbeck Sr. Administrative Specialist
Bonnie Puleo Hearing Specialist

Planning & Zoning Staff
We plan our day, our children’s future and our vacations. It makes sense to plan the future of our communities to ensure that the decisions we make today will result in a viable and healthy future. Planning is influenced by physical, economic, and social forces. Planners use tools such as zoning, economic, and demographic analysis, natural and cultural resource evaluation, goal setting and strategic planning. Planning is key to implementing the wishes, hopes, and aspirations of citizens all across the spectrum.

Dan Lister
Planning Official
Samantha Hammond Planner 208-455-6039
Debbie Root Planner 208-455-6034
Jenna Petroll Planner 208-454-6632
Michelle Barron Planner 208-455-6033
Sage Huggins Planner 208-455-6036
Maddie Vander Veen Planner 208-455-6035
Ivan Kowalczyk Planner 208-454-7459

Engineering Staff

Devin Krasowski
Associate Engineer
Stephanie Hailey Engineering Coordinator

GIS Staff

Tony Almeida
GIS Analyst/Mapping


111 N. 11th Ave ROOM 310
Caldwell, ID 83605

Phone / Fax

P 208-454-7458
F 208-454-6633



Effective Jan. 3, 2023
Public office hours are:
M, T, TH, F: 8am-5pm
Wed: 1pm-5pm
(Excluding holidays)
Payments will be accepted during any public office hours