Eviction Court Services


What to Expect

  • Eviction court is currently only held on Zoom (the link is found on the supplemental form you are given along with you summons)

  • Expect to set aside 30 to 60 minutes for mediation

  • Reference our “Be Prepared Section” for recommended best practices

Be Prepared

  • Ensure that you have access to a computer or cellphone with connectivity to the internet and Zoom capability

  • You can come to the Canyon County Courthouse to use one of our Zoom booths to attend court

  • Landlords or property management agents may refer their tenants to rental assistance agencies before court (reference our “Resources” page)

  • If you are the tenant, reach out to emergency rental assistance programs before coming to court (reference our “Resources” page)

  • Come to mediation with a plan and resources to execute that plan (reference our “Resources” page)

  • Be in a quiet area


  1. All parties will be admitted into the Zoom hearing
  2. Roll is taken to ensure all parties are present
  3. Plaintiffs and defendants are asked to declare verbal consent to participate in mediation (reference our “Eviction Mediation” page)
  4. Those who consent to mediation are placed into a mediation room
  5. Those who do not consent will have their case tried before the judge
  6. Parties leave only after being excused by the judge
  7. Post-court processes differ depending on ruling (please reach out to the Court Assistance office or our office for questions)

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