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Canyon County Eviction Diversion Program Model

Our eviction diversion program was designed after taking into consideration recommendations from the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) and Canyon County resident’s needs. Currently, our model is referred to as a “medium” eviction diversion type. This means that parties are referred to a court-based mediator if both parties consent. If a case goes into mediation, the judicial officer postpones issuing a final judgment until both parties return from mediation. However, in order to make mediation more accessible to all parties, we also offer pre-filing mediation.

Eviction Mediation

At Canyon County eviction court, we offer free eviction mediation services for tenants and landlords involved in an eviction suit due to non-payment. Our mediators are a neutral third-party tasked with facilitating communication between the parties involved in the eviction hearing. Mediators are trained to assist in identifying the problems and goals that each party presents in order to form a settlement agreement that both tenant and landlord agree on. Both tenants and landlords can save time and money by utilizing the mediation process as opposed to having their case heard before a judge.

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