Eviction Court Services


Volunteer Mediators

Our program mediators are currently operating on a volunteer basis. Volunteer participation gives us the ability to provide the best service for tenants and landlords involved in an eviction dispute. Contact Kevin Alvarez (information at the bottom of the page) if you are interested.

Benefits of Volunteering
  • Gain real-time experience in a fast-paced environment
  • Mediate a variety of cases in eviction court
  • Network with other mediators from around the County and State
  • Gain knowledge of common legal terminology and document drafting
Environment & Schedule
  • Fast-paced and professional environment
  • Eviction court takes place every Tuesday (except for Federal Holidays) at 1:30pm MT
  • Eviction court is held over Zoom

Kevin Alvarez
208-454-7524  |  Email


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