Idaho law requires counties to provide and operate a jail to house inmates and help maintain public safety. (Idaho Statute, Title 20 & Title 31)

Canyon County’s population when the Dale Haile jail was built: 90,076

Canyon County’s population today: 217,180

Chart of canyon county's population in 1990, 2000, 2010, 20182C city populations 1990 vs current










  • There are 700+ individuals currently on pre-trial release in Canyon County. [1]
    • According to the Sheriff’s Office, the majority of these individuals do not meet the objective risk assessment for pre-trial release and should be incarcerated
  • Jail staff works daily with the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Public Defender, and Judiciary to identify inmates who can be released early to make room for new intakes. [2]
  • Canyon County inmates have/or are being housed in six different counties because there is no room.  The cost is between $75 and $90 per day, per inmate.  The neighboring counties where Canyon County inmates are housed are Valley County, Adams County, Washington County, Payette County, Owyhee County, and Elmore County. [3]
    • Nearly $1 million a year is spent housing inmates out-of-county when you include transportation costs, staff, fuel, and liability if an accident happens out of the County and far from the Courthouse. [4]
    • The Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution mandates the due process of law and ensures that each defendant has the right to be heard and be in front of a judge. That requires consistent travel from jail to the courthouse, making it difficult and even more expensive to transport inmates from outside the County. [5]
  • Not all inmates can be housed together based on the level of offender, safety concerns, behavior and medical needs. [6]
  • Rehabilitation services are very limited at the current jail because of a lack of space, yet Idaho Jail Standards require jails to have space and provide education and rehabilitation to inmates. [7]
  • There are currently 5,000-6,000 unserved warrants in Canyon County. [8]
  • In the past 5 years, female incarceration rates have risen dramatically especially in regards to violent crimes. [9] 
  • Space in the current jail for female inmates is lacking and women will have to be housed in temporary units beginning in the summer of 2019.
    • Initial cost of $3 million to acquire and open facility.
    • $1.5 million for each additional year with a 5-year lease [10]
  • State Law requires counties to provide and operate a secure facility to house inmates that meets state standards. [11]
    • Provide outdoor and indoor recreational space (required)
    • Space for medical housing and treatment (required)
    • Food service preparation (required)
  • From September 1, 2018 through February 28, 2019, there were 5,227 people booked into the Canyon County Jail. [12]