On January 25, 2022, the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office finalized the installation of a Tek84 Intercept body scanner in the Canyon County Jail. This long-overdue project is a great tool to help stop contraband from entering the jail facility.

“The need for a body scanner became clearly evident after we had several incidents involving inmates smuggling drugs into the jail, which led to inmates overdosing as well as the hospitalization of several deputies,” said Sheriff Kieran Donahue. “Those incidents coupled with the recent rise in fentanyl in our area made this project a top priority, and I’m thankful to add this important tool to our intake process.”

The Tek84 Intercept body scanner produces a very low level of radiation that is confined to the inside of the machine to take an x-ray. The radiation level in one scan is equal to eating two bananas. The device tracks how many scans each person receives per year. Due to the low radiation, a person can be scanned up to 277 times per year.

The scanning process takes under four seconds to complete. Each scan is attached to a photo of the individual being scanned along with their name and booking information. Trained staff then read the scan looking for any contraband that would pose a danger to the facility. If dangerous contraband is found on the individual, they could face additional felony charges.

“The Detention Center staff are excited about this new tool and are eager to stop contraband from entering the facility, added Jail Captain Bill Patchett. “Our number one goal is to keep our inmate population, visitors, and staff safe. Since it was installed a week ago, we have completed 168 scans.”

For additional information on the Tek84 Intercept body scanner, please visit www.tek84.com/intercept/.