Requirements for Recording Documents are as follows:

  • The document must be an original with original signatures or a certified
     from the courts.
  • Signatures need to be notarized.
  • Acceptable page sizes are either 8 ½ inches x 11 inches or 8 ½ inches x 14 inches (Per Idaho Code 31-3205)

→ Exceptions to page size requirement are: Surveys and PLATs. (Per Idaho Code 55-1905, 50-1304)

  • We accept both typed and/or documents with legible hand writing.Must be legible. (Per Idaho Code 31-3205)
  • On the front of the first page of the document there needs to be a 3 inch by 3-inch blank space for the Recording Stamp.
  • Property must be located within Canyon County.
  • Recording clerk will ask for name of requestor (person(s) or company requesting the document to be recorded), address and phone number.
  • Appropriate fees – Click on Fee Schedule for a full list of the fees. Set per Idaho Code 31-3205

→ Forms of acceptable payment is cash, check or money order.

→ Please make checks payable to Canyon County Recorder

Prohibition and Removal of Restrictive Covenants (PRRC):

Filing Survey Requirements:

  • Original Mylar: size 18inch x 27inch with a 3 ½ inch margin on left (Per Idaho Code: Title 55 Chapter 19 (Idaho code: 55-1905))
  • Index number listed on survey (the Index number is Canyon County’s requirement for locating the property the survey is referencing,Click here for example of index number) (Per Idaho code 55-1910)
  • One Reduced copy of original: size 8 ½ inch x 11inch or 8 ½ inch x 14 inch
    • Reduced copy must match original
  • One paper copy of survey: size 18inch x 27inch with a 3 ½ inch margin on left (Per Idaho code 55-1905(2))
    • Paper copy must match original.
  • Payment of $5.00 per page of original survey

Filing PLAT Requirements:

  • Original mylar: size 18 x 27 inch with a 3 ½ inch margin on left (Per Idaho code 50-1304)
  • One reduced copy: size 8 ½ inch x 11 inch or 8 ½ inch x 14 inch
  • Plat must be completed withall signatures

→ Treasures’ signature signed within 30 days

  • Payment of $11.00, (Per Idaho Code 31-3205)

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call (208) 454-7555.


For your conveyance, we encourage you to investigate opportunities to e-record your documents. We have multiple vendors who offer e-recording with Canyon County. Below is a list and contact information if you are interested in that service as it may help in avoiding delays due to inappropriate fees being mailed with your documents.

How E-recording Works:

  1. Send: Submitters electronically prepare or scan, upload and submit documents through a web-based service for recording.
  2. Receive: The County or recording jurisdiction receives the documents electronically for processing.
  3. Review: Documents are reviewed by the county. Should the County find any documents that don’t follow Idaho recording laws, the document will be rejected and returned back to the submitter for correction along with a reason for the rejection.
  4. Record: After they have been reviewed and approved, documents will be stamped with the recording info, and officially recorded with the county.
  5. Return: The County returns the stamped, recorded documents back to the submitter electronically, notifying them that the document(s) have been recorded.

What would you find recorded? Any instrument or judgment affecting the title to or possession of real property may be recorded under chapter 55-801. (Idaho Statute 55-801 )

Click Types & Descriptions to review the different subtypes and their descriptions that are available.

To View Recorded Documents:

Documents that are available from 1864 – 1997 are available on Microfilm.

  • Microfilm and Microfiche Readers are available for public use in our office

Documents from 1984 – Present are available in digital format.

  • An index or list of documents from 1984 – Present can be accessed on-line. However, the actual image cannot be accessed on-line. You must go to the Recorder’s Office to view the actual image.
  • Public Terminals are available in the Recorder’s Office for viewing these records
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