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Download Your Assessment Notice
Sign-Up for E-StatementsIn Canyon County you can now sign up to receive your assessment notices and tax bills electronically.  By selecting electronic delivery you agree that the annual and/or supplemental property valuation assessment notice required by Idaho Code § 63-308 and/or the annual and/or supplemental property tax notice required by Idaho Code § 63-902 will no longer be sent to you via U.S. mail.  Instead, you will receive notification via email, to the email address you provide, that your property valuation assessment and/or your property tax notice has been posted to your account as an eStatement. Your eStatement must be accessed online by establishing a personal profile login.  By accessing your eStatement online, you can review, print, copy or download your annual notice.  eStatements will be available online for five (5) years after the date of posting.

This election applies only to your property valuation assessment notice and/or your property tax notice required by Idaho Code § 63-308 and Idaho Code § 63-902, and to courtesy reminders and notifications, not required by law.  All other notices required by law will continue to be sent via U.S. mail.  You may request a free paper copy of your notice(s) at any time without affecting your online election.

To access your eStatement you will need a computer or other electronic device with an internet browser that supports 128-bit encryption; a valid personal email address; and Adobe Acrobat Reader version 10.0 or above. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free by clicking here external.

You are responsible for providing a valid email address and for notifying us if your email address changes.  You may report a change of email address by:

  1. Accessing your account online and changing your personal profile information **recommended**;
  2. Sending notification via email to;

You may change your election for electronic delivery at any time utilizing these same methods listed above.  If your delivery election or other profile information is changed you will be sent a confirmation of this change.

Sending notification to the email address on file with the Canyon County Assessor and/or the Canyon County Treasurer has the same legal effect as if the annual or supplemental property notices have been mailed to the property owner via U.S. mail. Failure to retrieve or receive your yearly or supplemental notices as described above, does not invalidate assessment valuation appeal deadlines and does not excuse any late fees or penalties if the amount due is not paid timely, nor does it invalidate any collection procedures as required by law for the State of Idaho.

Your email address will not be used for any purpose unrelated to facilitating the notifications described above.

Canyon County is situated on 604 square miles of prime farmland in southwest Idaho.  It is bordered by Payette and Gem Counties on the north, Ada County on the east, Owyhee County to the south, and Malheur County, Oregon to the west. The Census Bureau has calculated our 2017 population at 216,700. That same year, mobile homes, real, and business personal property totaled over 100,000 parcels with a market value in excess of $18,385,200,000.

The County Assessor is an elected official whose principal function is to determine the market value of all taxable property within the county for the purpose of equitable distribution of property tax burden.  The amount of taxes required is not determined by the Assessor but the individual taxing districts such as Cities, Schools Districts, and Highway Districts…  Taxes are collected by the County Treasurer and distributed to the taxing districts. Additional tax dollars can be billed after voter approval at excess or special levy elections.  If rising property taxes are a concern to you, be sure to vote and attend your taxing districts’ budget hearings.

The Assessor is also charged with registering motor and recreational vehicles, and with disbursing the applicable licenses and permits. The Assessor’s Office is located in the Canyon County Administration Building across from the Courthouse in Caldwell.  We are open from 8 am until 5 pm Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.  We do not close for the lunch hour.  Links to our Parcel Information database and interactive map are always available above for your convenience.

Main Assessor Location

111 N. 11th Ave Caldwell

Main Assessor - Suite 250
Plat Room - Suite 230
Rural Dept - Suite 220


Vehicle Registration Location

Auto License Contact

P 208-455-6020
F 208-454-6019

Main Phone / Fax

P 208-454-7431
F 208-454-7349


Office Hours

Weekdays 8am - 5pm
(excluding holidays)

DMV 8am - 4pm
(excluding holidays)