Constituent Services

Alan Mills 2 05/02/2024 05/02/2026 Real Estate+
Desiree Hess 4 05/02/2024 05/02/2028 Real Estate
Glen Rimbey 4 05/02/2024 05/02/2028 Real Estate
Larry Olmsted 2 05/02/2024 05/02/2026 Business/Professional
Michael Wilson 4 05/02/2024 05/02/2028 Community At-Large
Stewart Hyndman 3 05/02/2024 05/02/2027 Community At-Large
Tara Wensel 3 05/02/2024 05/02/2027 Finance+

**BY-LAWS (Article IV): The Committee shall consist of not less than five (5) and no more than nine (9) voting members. Upon appointment, the members of the Committee shall meet and draw lots for the term of office which shall be as near as possible for an equal number of terms for two (2), three (3) and four (4) years, and thereafter, at the expiration of any term of office, appointment to such office shall be for the period of four (4) years. A member must reside in Canyon County during the entire term. Two (2) or more of the members shall be active in the business of development, building, or real estate in accordance with Idaho Code § 67-8205 as the same may be amended from time to time. One (1) or more of the members shall have professional experience or background in finance, banking, or accounting. Two (2) or more of the members shall represent the community at-large. Subsequent vacancies on the Committee shall be filled by appointment with the power of appointment rotated between the Board of Canyon County Commissioners. Such appointment shall be for the remainder of the term of the vacant member position.


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