Assessment Notice


Each year the Assessor mails a notice to each property owner in their jurisdiction using the mailing address information provided by the property owner.  This notice, called Assessment notice, informs the property owner of the information we have on file for their property.  Many people disregard this notice because it is not a bill.  It is important for property owners to be informed of the information on file with the Assessor and contact us if any corrections are necessary.  Below is information on how to read the assessment notice.

Definitions of Appraisal Categories pdf

Assessment Notice

Reading an Assessment Notice

Understanding the lines of information

Sometimes there are multiples lines for the land.  This happens when there are different uses for different sections of land or the use of the land changes.  To understand what use property is valued under view the list of categories.  The illustration below shows an example of a land use change.

Reading an Assessment Notice

Occupancy Assessment Notice

Occupancy Outline

Supplemental Assessment Notice for Personal Property

Personal Property Outline

Tax Bill

Tax Bill Illustration

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