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**Photo ID is required for any records sealed or exempt from public disclosure pursuant to I.C.A.R. 32.

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Document Requests

Required Information

  • Case Number(s)
  • Name(s) on Case(s)
  • Specific Document(s) requested – with Date(s) and Name(s) of Document(s) (example: Divorce Decree, Child Support Order, Criminal or Civil Judgment, Satisfaction of Judgment)
  • Please see the iCourt Portal link for assistance in determining this information
 Fees for Document Copies
  • $5.00 deposit for all document requests – to be paid at the time of the request
  • $1.00 fee per copied page
  • $1.00 fee per document for certification
  • $1.00 – $2.00 fee if document is mailed (waived if self addressed stamped envelope is provided)
  • $3.00 transaction fee if paying by Credit or Debit Card
  • Please call the above number for Attestation Fees
ROOM 201
P 208-454-7495

Audio Recording Requests

*  All audio requests must go through the Judicial Approval process prior to release
*  No audio recordings are available for hearings held prior to 2006
Required Information
  • Case Number(s)
  • Name(s) on Case(s)
  • Date of Hearing(s)
  • Time of Hearing(s)
  • For assistance in locating this information, please visit the iCourt Portal –
Fees for Audio Recordings
  • $10.00 deposit paid once the Judicial Approval has been signed, however, prior to the disc being made
  • $10.00 per CD (one CD equals 60 minutes of audio)
  • $2.50 Mailing Fee per CD; unless a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope is provided
ROOM 201 
P 208-454-7495

Accepted Forms of Payment

  • Credit Card: We accept Mastercard and Visa.
  • Money Order or Business Check
  • Cash: accepted for in office requests
ROOM 201 
P 208-454-7495  | Email:


  1. Does your office perform record checks, background checks, or research cases? No. This office does not perform any of these.
  2. Are records open to the public? Our records are subject to Idaho Court Administrative Rule 32 in regards to public disclosure. Sealed cases and documents may only be available to the parties listed on the case and requests may be subject to judicial review.
  3. What about cases filed outside of Canyon County? We are unable to look up or give information/documents from other counties and states. The Idaho Supreme Court maintains a website for public use which contains cases filed in the state of Idaho:
  4. Can your office verify information (ex: Date of Birth listed on a case, Date of Divorce, Custody Schedules, what a document says, etc.)? No. Our office cannot verify information or read/interpret the documents for the public.
  5. Can Discovery, Evidence, Booking Dates, or Police Reports be obtained through your office? No. Discovery or Evidence must be obtained through proper legal channels. Booking information may be obtained through the Canyon County Sheriff’s Records. Police Reports must be obtained through the responding police agency.
  6. How long will my request take? We make every effort to complete requests within 3 business days. If the request will take longer we will notify you as soon as possible. If your request is subject to Judicial review, the timeline is extended until completion of the review and is at the discretion of the assigned Custodian Judge.
  7. Can the clerks help me determine what documents I will need copies of? No. The requester must specify what documents they need. For assistance in determining what documents may be available, please visit the iCourt Portal (
  8. Can your office provide statistical reports which include case numbers? No. Those must be obtained through the Idaho Supreme Court.
  9. Can my documents be emailed to me? Only cases and documents available to the public under ICAR 32 may be emailed. The fees remain at $1.00 per page. Certification remains at $1.00 per document; however, keep in mind that many places do not accept a digital certification. Cases and documents subject to exemption or non-disclosure under ICAR 32 may NOT be emailed.
  10. Can someone else pick up my copies for me? Any records that have limited disclosure under ICAR 32 may only be retrieved by a listed party. Records not exempt from public disclosure may be picked up by a non-party.

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Appeals and Transcripts Email:
Login to Access Appeal Forms: external Pro Se Appellate: external

Services Available

  • Transcription of Magistrate Court
  • Transcription of testimony (as ordered by the District Court)
  • Transcription of Grand Jury Proceedings (Court Order Required)

Request Process When requesting transcripts, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your name, mailing address, telephone number and email address
  • Case number and type of hearing
  • Date of hearing
  • Requested timeline of completion: 30 days, 7 days, 1 day
  • The estimated cost of requested transcripts will be sent via email. Processing will commence upon payment of the estimated cost.

Transcript Fees

  • $3.25 per page for transcripts completed in 30 days
  • $4.25 per page for transcripts completed in 7 days expedited (dependent upon Court Reporter availability)


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