Bryan Taylor, Canyon County Prosecutor, announced that Tyler Joe Nourse, age 33, of Caldwell, was sentenced on May 24, 2023, by the Honorable Thomas W. Whitney on one count of Aggravated Battery and a Sentencing Enhancement as a Persistent Violator.

The Defendant pled guilty to a charge of Aggravated Battery on April 18, 2022, and failed to appear for sentencing on June 29, 2022. A warrant with nationwide service was subsequently issued for his arrest. The Defendant was arrested outside the Treasure Valley in July and transported back to Canyon County.

Mugshot of Tyler J. Nourse

Tyler J. Nourse

At the sentencing hearing, the State asked for 15 years fixed, followed by 20 years indeterminate, for a total unified term of 35 years. Judge Whitney sentenced Nourse to 18 years fixed, with 10 years indeterminate for a total unified term of 28 years. The Defendant will be eligible for parole after serving 18 years.

On May 27, 2021, Tyler Joe Nourse was charged with Aggravated Battery, Burglary, Battery, Petit Theft, and with being a Persistent Violator. On August 26, 2021, the Grand Jury Indicted the Defendant with Aggravated Battery, Burglary, Robbery, Grand Theft, and Battery, and he was still charged with being a Persistent Violator. Someone can be charged with being a Persistent Violator if they have been convicted of at least two prior felonies. Being convicted of being a Persistent Violator increases the maximum possible penalty to life in prison.

On December 13, 2019, the victim woke up to a pounding on her front door at 4:00 a.m. She opened the door under the belief that she knew the person knocking. She did not. Knocking on her front door was Tyler Nourse, wearing a Bail Bondsman’s badge, claiming to be looking for a third party. When the victim tried to shut the door, the Defendant forced his way into the home, and another unknown person followed. When the Defendant saw the victim attempt to call for help on her phone, he took it from her and a struggle ensued. The victim cried out for help when she realized these persons were heading toward her children’s rooms, and the Defendant struck her in the back of the head with his cell phone, causing life-altering trauma and permanent disability. While the victim was incapacitated, Nourse and his partner searched the house for valuables, including one room where a child was sleeping. The attack was caught on home surveillance video and showed the partner carrying a handgun. The victim had never previously met either of the persons who invaded her home that morning.

At the sentencing hearing, the State presented pictures of the crime scene, showing the abandoned zip ties brought to subdue the victim, as well as the surveillance video of the attack. Judge Whitney commented that the video was horrifying and noted that it was hard to imagine a greater impact on the victim other than death or loss of a limb.

The Prosecuting Attorney’s office would like to thank our partners in the Nampa Police Department who, without their dedication and assistance, this prosecution and subsequent conviction would not have been possible.