June 8, 2023 – Bryan Taylor, Canyon County Prosecutor, announced today that Esmeralda Ahumada, age 35, of Caldwell, was sentenced by the Honorable Thomas W. Whitney for the felony crime of 2nd Degree Murder. Ahumada pled guilty pursuant to a plea agreement in February of this year.

Judge Whitney sentenced Ahumada to 12 years fixed plus 10 years indeterminate in the custody of the Idaho Department of Corrections. The Canyon County Prosecutor’s Office recommended a sentence of 20 years fixed followed by life indeterminate. The Defendant’s attorney recommended a sentence of 7 years fixed followed by 15 years indeterminate.

Mugshot of Esmeralda Ahumada

Esmeralda Ahumada

In addition to the prison term, Ahumada will be required to submit a DNA sample and a right thumbprint impression to the Idaho database. Judge Whitney also ordered Ahumada to pay a $1,000 fine, court costs, and partial reimbursement for the services of the Public Defender’s Office.

Ahumada was arrested in August 2022 after shooting her step-grandfather on August 25, 2022. According to court documents, Ahumada shot the Victim in the chest and he was pronounced dead on scene after paramedics arrived. Defendant fled the scene but eventually turned herself into the West Valley Medical Center for a voluntary commitment the next day. When interviewed by police, Ahumada admitted to the shooting, indicating it was to end the sexual abuse she had been enduring since childhood.

During the sentencing hearing, Judge Whitney spoke about the difficult nature of the case, the numerous factors in mitigation that weighed in Ahumada’s favor, including her difficult upbringing, mental health issues, and the sexual abuse she sustained at the hands of the victim. Judge Whitney acknowledged the serious nature of the crime and the impact on the victim being the worst there can be in any case. Judge Whitney also commended the Defendant on her acceptance of responsibility “from start to finish” in the case.

“We encourage anyone who is suffering or has suffered from sexual abuse to report it to law enforcement and allow the justice system to intervene,” said Prosecutor Taylor. “This case is tragic in more ways than one, and it did not need to end this way. As always, I want to thank our law enforcement partners and highlight their unending efforts to protect our community.”