CALDWELL, ID – The Canyon County Board of County Commissioners will convene on Friday, May 17, 2024, from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. to deliberate on a pivotal agenda item concerning a new trash drop-off point for the County.

The decision hinges on whether to grant Timber Creek Recycling the necessary permits to establish a full-service solid waste transfer station at 16933 Northside Boulevard in Nampa.

Timber Creek Recycling is a regional waste management company with operations in 10 locations. They offer services such as trucking, grinding, crushing, turning, screening, and demolition.

What this could mean for the Canyon County community?

The proposed transfer station would enhance waste management in Canyon County by adding a new drop-off location where they already convert various waste materials into usable products like cattle bedding, colored mulches, compost, animal feed, recycled asphalt, and soil/gravel, thereby boosting waste diversion efforts.

The introduction of this additional site as a full-service solid waste transfer station and secondary drop-off location for household waste would help alleviate traffic congestion and reduce wait times for residents using landfill services. It could also minimize blowing waste and trash for residents along Missouri Avenue and throughout the County, as fewer vehicles will be traveling to and from the landfill.

The current site is already up and running, and it’s accepting materials. It’s strategically located within the County and close to major transportation routes. The site is zoned for industrial use, which minimizes its impact on neighboring properties. Additionally, there is potential for future expansion, including the installation of a rail spur for efficient freight movement.

Timber Creek Recycling is dedicated to sustainability, managing over 400 million pounds of recyclable materials annually.