February 27, 2023 – The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) today announced the launch of a new and improved online agenda application to provide more transparency to residents and taxpayers. The new application is designed with a more user-friendly interface that includes several new features to help citizens stay informed and updated.

One of the highlights of the new online agenda is the ‘Supporting Documents’ feature. This allows citizens to access the documents that will be presented and discussed for each BOCC meeting. The majority of documents should be available 24-48 hours in advance. In addition, the audio recording of each session will be uploaded to the supporting documents shortly after the meeting concludes.

The new agenda also incorporates a search function that allows citizens to search agenda items by keyword. The search function also has the ability to search Commissioners’ voting and attendance records moving forward. Commissioners’ voting records can be searched both by district and vote type, and all search results can be downloaded and printed at the user’s discretion.

“The new online agenda is the first of many steps we plan on taking to make the Commissioners’ Office more transparent and open to the public,” said the BOCC in a joint statement. “A huge credit to our IT Department for their work on developing the new agenda application. We hope our constituents utilize the new features to stay up to date with everything happening in our office.”