March 6, 2023 – The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) voted unanimously today to adopt a new set of core values that will provide a framework for good governance and making decisions that impact Canyon County and its residents. The five core values of transparency, respect, unify, service, and teamwork come together to form the acronym TRUST and will be used as a blueprint to help guide the BOCC in its efforts to provide a more open government and improved services to the community.


  1. TRANSPARENCY is open governance and clear communication, embracing honesty, accountability, and integrity.
  2. RESPECT is recognition of each individual’s value, experiences, and opinion.
  3. UNIFY is a dynamic, dignified process of coming together that seeks best possible outcomes with gratitude for each contributor.
  4. SERVICE is excellence in government through service-oriented leadership that benefits the community.
  5. TEAMWORK is commitment to involve individuals or groups to achieve a shared goal and to cultivate positive experiences.

“With two new Commissioners taking office in January, we felt it was important to show our constituents that we are committed to working together in an effort to bring positive change to Canyon County,” said the BOCC in a joint statement. “These core values will act as a lodestar to our daily routines and decision-making process, and in doing so, lead to a more transparent government for our residents and taxpayers.”