The Canyon County Fleet Department’s mission is to effectively and efficiently manage and maintain the county fleet while focusing on the safety of our drivers and the entire community.  Our dedication  to saving fuel, tires and tons of pollutants remains foremost in our efforts to provide a high level of service to Canyon County and its citizens.


Two Canyon County Sheriff’s Office patrol vehicles parked in front of the Fleet shop



Fleet Department AwardCanyon County Fleet Department Named One of the 100 Best Fleets in the Americas for Sixth Consecutive Year

The Canyon County Fleet Department, under the direction of Mark Tolman, has been recognized as one of The 100 Best Fleets in the Americas for the sixth consecutive year by Tom C. Johnson, author of The 100 Best Fleets in the Americas and Green Fleet Awards.  The award recognizes and rewards peak performing fleet operations in North and South America that show innovation in providing a green and fiscally sustainable fleet of vehicles.  Criteria for recognition is based on a wide range of  categories that include collaboration, performance recognition, staff development, creativity, information technology, resource stewardship, customer satisfaction, accountability and cost awareness, among others.

“It’s truly an honor to be recognized as one of the 100 Best Fleets in the Americas,” said Fleet Manager Mark Tolman.  “This award serves as a testament to the hard work and dedication of our great staff, who continue to find ways to make our vehicles more efficient and environmentally friendly without compromising the safety and integrity of our fleet.”

Tolman contributes the success of the Canyon County Fleet Department, in part, to their use of Fleet Management Software that measures fleet asset reliability, technician efficiency, costs, and helps monitor day to day operations.  Meanwhile, they continue to focus on their mission to save fuel, tires, and pollutants while exploring new resources and technologies.  Hybrid and electric vehicles and an Idle Reduction Program cut fuel costs and reduce emissions, while the use of technology enables staff to sustain and maintain100 Best Fleets Logoa sound fleet with minimal disruptions to ongoing operations.

The Idle Reduction Program – which is being shared with and implemented by agencies nationwide – allows emergency vehicles to be shut off while still running their emergency equipment.  The department also uses a nitrogen generating system for filling tires with nitrogen instead of air, which increases fuel mileage, extends the life of the tires, and improves driver safety.  Other cost-saving measures include the conversion to blended oil, telemetrics, and road force balancing.  These proven solutions have helped the county fleet maintain a high-level of efficiency while keeping overall costs down.

Please visit www.the100best.com external for more information on The 100 Best Fleets in the Americas.


Idle Reduction

Idle reduction technology is our Fleet’s answer to saving money and cutting down on overall maintenance costs through the added benefit of lowering fuel consumption, elongating engine life and reducing harmful pollutants.  Our idle reduction program utilizes glass mat battery technology which allows us to run emergency equipment while the vehicle is shut off.  Reducing our idle time helps to eliminate CO2 from our environment and saves in monthly fuel usage.

Nitrogen & Road Force Balancing

We use nitrogen in all our fleet tires.  Nitrogen increases the fuel mileage per gallon by approximately 1.5%.  Nitrogen also eliminates the oxygen and moisture therefore eliminating the environment for rust and corrosion on equipment.  Nitrogen and road force balancing together extend tire life, suspension components and bearings, which also reduces overall wear and tear on equipment.

Engineered Blend Oils

Conversion from conventional oil to an engineered blend continues to extend our oil drain intervals, saving 17 quarts of oil from recycling centers per 12,000 miles.

new-Fuel-tanksOn-site Fuel Tanks

Two on-site 12,000 gallon fuel tanks allow fuel to be bought in bulk, as well as locally, saving the county thousands of dollars annually.  The on-site fuel tanks also allow Canyon County to utilize multiple choices of cleaner burning Ethanol blended fuels.

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