Bryan Taylor, Canyon County Prosecutor, announced today that Rolando Castillo, age 42, of Nampa, was sentenced by the Honorable Randall S. Grove for shooting an individual as part of a road rage incident in July 2022.

Judge Grove sentenced Castillo to five (5) years fixed, followed by ten (10) years indeterminate, for felony Aggravated Battery, and five (5) years fixed for Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon. The sentences will run consecutively for a total unified sentence of 20 years in prison. Castillo will serve at least ten (10) years before he is eligible for parole. Judge Grove also ordered Castillo to submit a DNA sample to the Idaho database and have no contact with the victim for the duration of the sentence. Castillo was also ordered to pay a fine and court costs.

Mugshot of Rolando Castillo

Rolando Castillo

Castillo engaged in a road rage incident on July 13, 2022, in the area of Orchard and Midland in Nampa, where another driver flipped him off after Castillo ran a stop sign. After briefly following the other driver, Castillo fired his weapon into the driver’s vehicle. The bullet struck the driver in his shoulder and hand. The driver fled to his residence where he called 911 and was later treated at Saint Alphonsus Hospital for gunshot wounds.

Castillo was arrested a short time later by Canyon County Sheriff’s Deputies after they located his vehicle in the area of Karcher Rd and Caldwell Blvd. Following a short pursuit, Castillo was shot by a deputy after he aggressively exited the vehicle. Castillo sustained minor injuries as a result of the shooting and was found to be in possession of a stolen firearm. Castillo is prohibited from possessing firearms by virtue of multiple prior felony convictions.

“We are grateful to our fearless police partners who work tirelessly to protect this County,” said Prosecutor Bryan Taylor. “I also want to commend my deputy prosecutors who successfully prosecuted this case, and Judge Grove for understanding the danger Mr. Castillo is to our community.”

“I want to thank the Canyon County Prosecutor’s Office for their work putting Mr. Castillo behind bars and bringing justice to the victim of this senseless crime,” added Sheriff Kieran Donahue. “I also want to credit my deputy, who made a split-second decision and took the necessary action to stop Mr. Castillo from potentially causing more violence or damage to members of our community.”