(June 27, 2024 — Sheriff Kieran Donahue becomes the 84th President of the National Sheriffs’ Association)

July 3, 2024 — Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue made history last week when he was sworn in as the 84th President of the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) during the NSA’s Summer Conference in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Sheriff Donahue becomes the first Idaho sheriff to hold the position of NSA President. He was also the first Idaho sheriff elected to the NSA’s Executive Committee in 2021. Sheriff Donahue, who will enter his fourth term as Canyon County Sheriff in January 2025, has been involved with the NSA for over a decade, serving on numerous committees such as the Domestic Violence and Crime Victim Services Committee and Youth Programs and Juvenile Justice Committee. He currently serves as Chair of the NSA Constitution and Bylaws Committee, Vice Chair of the NSA Government Affairs Committee, and remains an active member of the NSA Border Security Committee.

Sheriff Donahue’s platform during his one-year term will focus on border security, national security, and addressing the epidemic of domestic violence. As NSA President, he will lead an association representing more than 3,080 sheriffs nationwide, working alongside them to provide stances on crucial national security and law enforcement issues, testifying before Congress, and preparing amicus briefs to file with the Supreme Court.

To learn more about the National Sheriffs’ Association, please visit sheriffs.org.