There is a new service available through a joint effort from the Canyon County Assessor and Treasurer offices where a homeowner can find their property assessments and annual taxes for the past five years.

This can be accomplished by going to and accessing the Data Hub located through the Assessor or Treasurer webpages. All that’s needed is an address or parcel number to look up the five-year property assessment and tax history.

“The goal of this new tool was to create a place where homeowners or property owners could go and look up their annual property data on their own,” said Canyon County Assessor Brian Stender. “Not only does the report allow them to see the data but it also shows them specifics on how their tax dollars were spent throughout their tax districts.”

People who own property sometimes struggle with how changes in the estimated value of their property can affect how much they have to pay in property taxes. This detailed report gives a history of how property values and taxes have changed over time.

It shows that just because the estimated value of a property goes up or down doesn’t always mean the property taxes will go up or down by the same amount. The report also explains how different areas that collect property taxes benefit from the total amount of property tax money collected.

Regarding the 2023 property tax calculation, this report outlines the School Savings component of property tax relief introduced in HB292. However, it does not yet incorporate the property tax credits associated with the Homeowners Tax Relief (HTR) and the Additional Tax Relief (ATR) provisions of HB292.

Tax amounts are gross amounts, including school savings, and does not reflect State Reimbursement Credits.

To access the tool, follow the below directions or watch the video on our website for a quick tutorial on how the Data Hub works.

  1. Visit — Click on either the Assessor or Treasurer.
  2. For the Assessor:
    • Find and Click the Data Hub, which is located in the grey box under the Assessor’s picture to view the 5-Year Assessment and Tax History.
  3. For the Treasurer:
    • The Data Hub is in the middle column just below the Voter Approved Bond Tracker. Click the HERE for “Take a peek at your 5-years assessment and tax history.”
  4. Data Hub:
  5. Plug in your parcel number, if you know it, or your street address and click the dropdown to find your city and click Search.
    • Search *TIP*: For an address, do not use punctuation. Also, be sure to abbreviate Dr, Ave, St, and Rd. Less is more when trying to find an address in most cases. If you are having issues locating your address try focusing only on the road or house number you live and then locate your address from the drop-down list.
  6. Give it a minute to find your address and then scroll down and click the View Results link to receive more details of your property.