Board of Community Guardians


The Board of Community Guardians was created to fulfill duties of a guardian for Canyon County adult residents that are unable to care for themselves and cannot provide for their basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, health care and safety.  The role of the Board of Community Guardians is to ensure these vulnerable adults are cared for and are protected from exploitation, abuse and neglect.

The Board of Community Guardians is established by the Canyon County Commissioners and serves as an extension of county government.  The Board consists of not fewer than seven, or more than eleven, members plus a Legal Liaison and County Coordinator.  The members of the Board are volunteer positions and represent a variety of community interests and professions.  A guardian visits a designated Ward on a regular basis, ensuring each Ward is receiving the care and benefits to meet their needs.

All referrals shall be initiated with a completed Referral Form.  All referrals, including those received by Board members, shall be sent to the County Coordinator, either by:

Facsimile:        (208) 454-6888
Mail:                1115 Albany Street, Box 11, Caldwell, ID 83605

  • The County Coordinator will review all referrals and provide an initial screening to determine whether or not the referral contains sufficient information for the Board to review.
  • Following the initial screening by the Coordinator, if the proposed referral qualifies for a Board Guardian, the County Coordinator will investigate the facts and circumstances as set forth in the referral.
  • The County Coordinator shall confer with the contact person listed on the referral and begin the investigation.
  • The County Coordinator will bring new referrals to the Board and decisions are made collectively by the Board.
  • When the Board has made the final decision to accept a referral and act as guardian, an individual guardian is assigned.

The primary responsibility of a guardian is to ensure that the Ward’s rights are protected, and that their basic needs of shelter, food, clothing and safety are being met.  Wards are 18 years of age and older that have no family member able or willing to take on the guardianship.  The Board of Community Guardians only accepts referrals that have no other options and are the last resort for the care of the Ward.

As a volunteer, you will visit a Ward on a regular basis.  Many of our Wards have some mobility and as a volunteer, you may take them shopping, for a walk or out for lunch.  Many of our Wards just like to sit and visit or play games.  Our Wards live in assisted living, skilled nursing facilities, with a few certified family homes.

The Board of Community Guardians and County Coordinators provide ongoing training and support to the Volunteers.  This training is provided through written materials, individual conversations and personal meetings.  Volunteer Guardians are strongly encouraged to contact the County Coordinator for information and possible resources when they have questions or need assistance.



This report is made in accordance with the requirements of Idaho Code §15-5-603 and provides information on the performance of the public guardian and conservator functions during FY2023.

2023 Board of Community Guardians Annual Report

Mailing Address

Board of Community Guardians
1115 Albany Street Box 11
Caldwell, ID  83605

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