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Welcome to Canyon County Indigent Services. Our office may assist with payment of a cremation, when other resources are not available and certain qualifications are met.  Additional information regarding cremation assistance and how to apply can be found on this webpage.     

To make a payment or drop off documents in person, a secured drop box is available on the third floor/west end of the Public Administration
Building.  For questions, please contact the Indigent Services department at (208) 454-7419 or by email at


Those receiving assistance may be required to reimburse the program.  Reimbursement payments to Canyon County Indigent Services can be made using one of the following options:

Online: Pay Online >
Fees: 2.39% of payment amount (minimum $2.00) to be paid by the customer for each credit or debit card transaction; $1.00 to be paid by the customer for each electronic check.
Phone: 1 (844) 323-8119
Mail: Canyon County Indigent Services, 111 N. 11th Avenue, Suite 340, Caldwell, ID 83605
Bank: Your banking institution can assist you in setting up an automatic monthly payment from your checking or savings account to be mailed to the County.
Drop Box: A secured drop box is located on the 3rd floor, West end of the Public Administration Building.

If a family member or friend has passed and assistance is needed to pay for their cremation, please complete and provide an Application for Cremation Assistance.  You may mail or hand deliver a completed application to our secured drop box: Canyon County Indigent Services, 111 N. 11th Avenue, Suite 340, Caldwell, ID 83605.  You may also email the application to:  An interview will be conducted to determine if the requirements of indigency and residency are met.

Application for Cremation Assistance pdf

The funds available through Canyon County Indigent Services are levied annually from property taxation. Idaho law requires that receipt of financial assistance pursuant to this chapter shall obligate an applicant to reimburse the obligated county and the board for such reasonable portion of the financial assistance paid on behalf of the applicant as the county commissioners may determine that the applicant is able to pay from resources over a reasonable period of time.  Cash amounts received shall be prorated between the county and the board in proportion to the amount each has paid. Idaho Code §31-3510A(1).


111 N. 11th Ave Suite 340 Caldwell, ID 83605

Phone / Fax

P 208-454-7419
F 208-454-6888



Weekdays 8am – 5pm
(excluding holidays)

Yvonne Baker