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Understanding Your Property Taxes:

  • Taxing Districts: While previous notices listed service providers, this year we’ve included a two-year history of taxes going to each district. My team handles property values, not the final tax bill. For questions on specific charges, please contact the relevant district directly.
  • Canyon County Property Tax Budget: Below is a graph showing how the county’s property tax requests have changed over the past five years.
    • Silver Bars: Maximum allowable budget (including any unused portion from prior years also called foregone balance).
    • Gold Bars: Actual amount of property tax collected each year.

Notice how the budget remained stable from 2019 to 2021. In 2022, the county chose to levy significantly less ($40 million) than allowed. This one-time reduction aimed to use existing reserves and provide tax relief to property owners.

How Property Values Affect Your Taxes:

This section explores how the value of different property types affects your tax burden. The data table and pie charts show the total taxable value for residential, commercial & industrial (Comm & Ind), agricultural (Ag), and operating properties from 2019 to 2024.

  • Commercial & Industrial (Comm & Ind): Significant value growth and new construction led to a larger share of the tax burden in 2023 due to continued appreciation.
  • Residential: Explosive value appreciation and new construction resulted in shouldering a larger tax burden in 2022 (average 40% increase). In 2023, this burden eased slightly.
  • Agricultural (Ag) and Operating Property: These categories experienced moderate fluctuations with operating property’s final value for 2024 unknown yet (determined by the State Tax Commission).

Key Takeaways:

  • The distribution of the tax burden can shift depending on how property values change across different categories.
  • In recent years, residential and commercial & industrial properties have seen the most significant changes in value.
Value Shifting

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